Fourqane Business Ideas

Building trust and profitability with sales reps who know your business

You could do this with your own existing staff, but you need them on the manufacturing floor. They understand your manufacturing and production processes. Some of them have been with your business since it first opened its doors. The more experienced of them have been given new supervisory responsibilities so that you can continue to focus on the managerial aspects of running your business from month to month, quarter to quarter, and from year to year.

You have built trust by giving those men those extra responsibilities, and because of that, they are living up to and exceeding your expectations. They are, quite literally, producing the goods. But there they stand, still collecting dust. You, yourself, have let down your workers. You have not been able to make those sales targets that allow you to reward your workers with increases that they probably deserve. As a business leader, you take full responsibility for your error of judgment.

But then, what do you do? Do you continue to stand in the long line of manufacturers looking for reps? Well, you do, but this time you are doing things differently and only for a short while. In a matter of time, you will be able to put together a new and formidable sales team. These men are no different from you and your current workforce. They understand the manufacturing processes involved and the know the finished product inside and out.

Through years of their own industry experience, they are in a good position to conduct successful road shows at other industrial sites. Apart from newly acquired sales skills, they still have the technical knowhow. This is not something that they are about to discard because it remains an essential part of their sales tasks.