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The latest trends in the world of prosthetic limbs

This short informational article introduces interested readers and likely stakeholders to the latest trends in the design and manufacture of prosthetic limbs that are like to dominate the year 2017 and progress still further once all and sundry become more aware and informed on how these technological advances can be of benefit to them. Assuming that there is a need to be fitted with a prosthetic limb or seek out a better replacement for an existing artificial limb that has seen better days, interested readers are encouraged to visit authoritative online sites and medical journals to learn more about these new technologies.

Time and space only allows this article to introduce readers to one technological innovation which goes beyond just the creation of prosthetic limbs. It has enabled scientists and manufacturers to create more functional bionic limbs that are controlled by sensors and 8-bit microprocessors. It has already made it possible for limbless men and women to enjoy functionalities that pretty much restore the full use of capacity that they previously enjoyed with normal, human limbs.

In fact, technologies have advanced to such a degree that patients are now able to control the use of their artificial limbs purely through the use of their own thoughts and nerve functioning. It is obvious that medical scientists and researchers have put a lot of focus in responding to brain to body functioning to come up with these magnificent designs and results. If not already the case, in the future, as already seen in science fiction movies, prosthetic limbs will be indistinguishable from the rest of the human body.

This article closes encouragingly by mentioning two talked about technological developments. These are the creation of more sensitive prosthetic limbs and the use of 3D technologies to create those limbs.