Fourqane Business Ideas

What it takes to be an investment consultant who serves first and foremost

The bespoke and contrarian investor remains a rare breed. Readers may dismiss this statement as being inaccurate. Because, after all, are there not thousands of successful investors across the world. Are not these men and women making incredible fortunes for themselves and for others? The answer to that is simply this. Yes, it is partially true, but these men and women are only successful on the surface. Ten to twenty years from now, they may not be around to tell others their success story.

They could have taken short cuts in buying and selling under the misguided impression that they would make what is known as a killing. The contrarian investor always takes the long-term view to good investment products, particularly when he is acting responsibly on behalf of his clients. He is also a believer in investing in value. Today, it takes more than a Masters or PhD in Economics to be the consummate investment advisor that serves first and foremost.

It even takes more than the usual brand of effective customer centricity. These rare breeds of investors are community oriented through and through. They will not rest until they have convinced their clients, gently so, to take their sage advice for the future. They will not rest until their clients are well on their way towards making regularl monthly or quarterly contributions towards their long-term wealth and financial security.

Purely from a business point of view, business to client fees cannot always be waived. But fees are kept to a minimum and are accurately priced against the investments made. Making up for this are the ongoing road shows and presentations which investment much of the advisors’ time and own expenses.